Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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[Vinesauce] Joel - Windows Vista Destruction

The awkward OS inbetween XP and 7 that everybody hated gets the stanky toolbar midi speedup treatment. What horrors dwell inside Vista and on the internet?

The Story Behind Windows Vista

We're all familiar with Windows Vista, and it's common knowledge that reception for it wasn't very positive, but how could an OS that had years of work behind it ...

Doris and Rosie Upgrades Windows Vista on School Computers [read description]

3:38 sorry mistakes my videos, Nice Caillou says "Upgrading' not "Downgrading" I accidentally deleted the voice in Video Maker. inspired by: Lily and Tbone ...

WINDOWS VISTA In 2019! (13 Years Later!) (Review)


Windows Vista Overview - 9 years later

In this video, I'll be taking a look at an operating system that many people called "the worst OS from Microsoft", which is Windows Vista. hope you enjoy it :) Music ...

Using Windows Vista in 2019: Is it Possible?

Last versions of software for Windows Vista list: https://msfn.org/board/topic/175262-last-versions-of-software-for-windows-vista-and-windows-server-2008/ New ...

Comparing Windows 10 to Windows Vista

In this video, I compare Windows 10 to Windows Vista, and see how far Windows has come 10 years after Vista was released. Music: Vino - iMovie Song Follow ...

Comparing Windows 7 to Windows Vista

I compare Windows 7 and Vista, two really similar operating systems. Music from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djlot1_Eots Follow me on Twitter!

My H Has Been Stolen But Windows XP + Windows Vista Animated (2000 Subs Special)

Such a long time since I last uploaded, but nonetheless had continued working on a very long project that I think is worth the effort. I originally was planning for ...

Doris and Rosie Downgrade to Windows Vista/Grounded/Get Win98 FE

Still Inspired by BurgerBoyComedian. Cast: Doris: Julie. Rosie: Salli. Boris: Eric Caillou: Joey.

Windows Vista support has ended. Time to upgrade

I have a computer that still runs Vista (it's not my main one, of course). Even though I liked it for the most part, let's move on to something that is very similar yet ...

Windows Vista Installation Commemoration (R.I.P. Vista) - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

Want more videos like this? ○ http://krazyken.thecomputerclan.com See Windows Longhorn in Action! ○ https://youtu.be/Gcq2RdWO7ns See What Vista Beta ...

Windows Vista Boot

The boot of the Microsoft Windows Vista in my Compaq computer. Windows XP upgraded to Windows Vista. This video shows the startup and shutdown process.

Comparing Windows XP to Windows Vista

In this video, I compare Windows XP to Windows Vista, two totally different operating systems from different time periods. Check out Loot Crate!

Windows Vista Ends Support

sorry for late upload.

Windows Vista Vs Windows Xp

Boot speeds between windows vista and windows xp. Both computers are hp compaq 6910p buisness computers with the only thing being different is the ...

Windows Vista — 2018 Edition (Concept Design)

The ''Wow'' Starts Again. Windows Vista 2018 Edition. Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan. *Windows and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft. #Windows #Vista ...

Upgraded 2006 Budget eMachine starting Windows Vista

The emachine who was designed for Windows XP gets some internal hardware upgrades and gets Vista Home Premium. Not bad considering it's my grandpa's ...


Salut c'est Léo de la chaine TechMaker et aujourd'hui on va se demander pourquoi tout le monde déteste Windows Vista, qui a remplacé Windows XP il y a ...

Windows Vista R.I.P 2006 - 2017 😖😦😇😵😿🙀💀👼 VOUS Qui-vive

R.I.P Windows Vista R.I.P 2007 - 2017 Nñnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooo.

Windows Vista im Jahr 2019 (+ das "geheime" Windows)

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Windows Vista is about to die!

An operating system is going to die! How sad... :( Music: Power Instinct Matrimelee - Our Secret https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zLV1GolE1w.

Windows Vista End of life (Name: End of Windows Vista) (Read desc. )

It's not my fault for my mistakes, it's just animation issue! Just sometimes! On 30 january 2007, windows vista was brand new OS! Sometimes sucked, and ...