Metals & Ceramics: Crash Course Engineering #19

Today we'll explore more about two of the three main types of materials that we use as engineers: metals and ceramics. We'll discuss properties of metals, alloys ...

Materials Chemistry | Full Lecture | IIT Kanpur |

Please watch: "How to draw Chemical reactions in ChemDraw?" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Materials Chemistry.

What is Materials Engineering?

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Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction to Materials Chemistry

Chemistry of Materials by Prof.S.Sundar Manoharan,Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL visit

"Materials of the Future"- Chemistry of Materials Video Contest

Enter the Chemistry of Materials video contest! Explain how material science affects the world around you, and make it fun! Feel free to use our "old time" theme ...

Basic Chemistry Lab Equipment

A look at some of the common instruments and equipment that we will be using in class this year. Link to the handout mentioned in this lecture: ...

Unit Cell - Simple Cubic, Body Centered Cubic, Face Centered Cubic Crystal Lattice Structures

This chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into unit cell and crystal lattice structures. It highlights the key differences between the simple cubic unit ...

Introductory Lecture for Materials Chemistry

A meandering discourse on how impressive biochemistry is and won't it be great when chemists can make things just as impressive with different chemistry.

Chemistry of Materials

Materials: Properties and Uses | Chemical Industries | GCSE Chemistry (higher)

This nugget describes the composition of some important alloys in relation to their properties and uses. Compare quantitatively the physical properties of glass ...

Interview with Chemistry of Materials Editor-in-Chief, Jillian M. Buriak

Video interview with new Editor-in-Chief Jillian M. Buriak as she explains her vision for the journal and gives advice for younger researchers.

“Potato plastic“ from the “Chemistry of materials“ set

Do this incredible experiment at home with MEL Science: Safety • Put on protective gloves and eyewear.

Science in Art: The Chemistry of Art Materials | TrinityX on edX | Course About Video

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Chemistry of defective materials for decarbonization

The availability of low-cost but intermittent renewable electricity, like that derived from solar and wind, leads to both challenges and opportunities. On one hand ...

These Hybrid Metallic Crystals Are Chemistry’s New Miracle Materials

This chemistry experiment conducted 4200 meters above Melbourne, Australia, could revolutionize how we scrub greenhouse gases or deliver targeted drugs.

√ Petroleum Refining | Production of Materials | Chemistry

iitutor #Chemistry #ProductionOfMaterials Fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas are important sources of energy for ...

Quantum Computation for Chemistry and Materials

Dr. Jarrod McClean Google's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab Quantum computers promise to dramatically advance our understanding of new materials and ...

Chemistry of Materials Test Review